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Discover Croatia with us

Medulin is a touristic center situated in Istria region, north-western part of Croatia, just a few kilometers from the city of Pula. Each year during summer to Medulin come a lot of tourists, usually whole families, to enjoy holidays and relax on a long coastline.

In Medulin, the main attraction is the transparent Adriatic Sea. While swimming you can admire rich underwater flora and fauna of the region.

Main photo by Zoran Burazerović 



Medulin does not have a reach history, although it has old origins. Research suggests, that Medulin has been inhabited since prehistory. It used to be known as Mutila, a city that was destroyed by the Romans in II century B.C.

For many years it was struggling with destruction and diseases. Because of that, Medulin has never been an area of great importance.

During XIX and XX century in Medulin industry was focused on agriculture, later it’s place was taken by fishing. Moreless 50 years ago the inhabitants of the city discovered its touristic potential and since then tourism has been the main industry of the area.



Photo by Suzana Pinjuh 


The main attraction in Medulin is just relaxing on a beautiful coast and enjoying perfect weather. Apart from that, there are a few places you should see while your stay.

First is St Agnes Church, you can easily recognize it by its twin bell towers. The second spot is the main promenade located in the heart of the city. Go for a walk and relax in one of the numerous coffee shops and restaurants next to the promenade. In the evening we recommend seeing a seaside promenade for breathtaking sunsets.



Photo by Sandro Stehlik  


If you prefer active holidays, we suggest you go to a few places outside the town.

Pula - the largest city in Istria peninsula. Discover its Roman heritage.
Rovinj - a small, lovely city in a close neighborhood to Pula
Porec - a city full of famous historical monuments and beautiful nature
Pazin - a city with rich tradition and numerous historical sites
Kamenjak National Park - known for its natural beauty and diverse flora



Photo by Ki Ka


The easiest way to get to Medulin is from the city of Pula, which is just 8 km away. To Pula, you can get by plane, as there is an international airport there, by bus, or even by ferry from Italy.

It is comfortable to have a car as there are many places in a close neighborhood to Medlin, perfect for one-day trips. You can always rent a car online or in one of the rental points.

If you are more of a low budget traveler you can always use buses. There are many companies in Croatia, so every day you can find a suitable connection to any place.



Photo by Ki Ka


There are numerous options, you can find cozy houses as well as big holiday resorts. During summer, prices might be high so it is better to book your stay earlier. We also recommend checking if there are any private apartments available for rent. Locals sometimes rent their homes on holidays to make extra money.



Photo by Alen Mulahusić


The choice is huge, we strongly recommend to try seafood, as it is always fresh. Best seafood in Medulin is in Salt & Pepper and Restaurant Vizula.

In the evening we advise visiting Cocoaz Bar and Oliveto. For nightlife go to Havana Beach Bar or Barracuda Beach Bar.



Photo by Zoran Burazerović


Medulin is a perfect place to relax so go sunbathing on one of the following beaches: Bijeca, Mediterraneo or Penizule.

There are plenty of options for sports enthusiasts. You can try scuba diving or explore a rich underwater life. 
Another popular attraction is a boat cruise. It is also possible to go skydiving, horse riding and swim on SUP Paddleboards. 
For children, there is a great Adrenaline Park.

Visit Medulin and experience holidays of a lifetime!



Photo by Darija Batelić

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