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We will make you wanna explore Croatia

Welcome to the greenest place on Earth, Kamačnik canyon! Okay, we're a bit subjective about this, but when you step into this little paradise, you'll realise we were right. If you want to enjoy this untouched nature, the mingling of water and the soothing sound of trees, head to Gorski kotar, near a small town Vrbovsko.

Croatia is hosting 8 different National parks. As they are full of wild nature and preserved beauty, they are protected areas that you need to respect while visiting. If you discover them, you will see true natural jewels of Croatia and amazing animals and plants species that you will hardly find anywhere else. Take a look in our amazing National parks! 

I am sure you know Game of Thrones, this show is one of the most watched TV shows ever, if not the first. For example, its last episode, the dragon and the wolf, is the most watched episode in the whole history of series! I’m sure you are now thinking “Okay, that is great and so, but what does it have to do with Croatia?”. Well, good question my friend! In fact, you may not know but some of the show’s scenes were shot in Croatia!

Palud is a cove located in the Istria county, in Croatia. It welcomes into its midst more than 200 birds species. The place contains brackish water, that is to say, freshwater mixed with seawater, allowing this place to welcome a wide range of fish species.

If you are going to Croatia, whether for tourism, for work or for any other reason, you may want to learn a few words and expressions that may help you in your daily life! 

In this post, we will help you to learn the basic words that may be useful. We will also tell you a little bit more about the pronunciation of the tough ones because Croatian is very different from English and they have letters we don’t. Let’s go then!

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